"Istanbul Mehmet cymbals are the most versatile and musical cymbals I’ve ever played.  They are dark with shimmering overtones and somehow manage to have a distinct clear attack without being loud or abrasive.  They are the perfect compliment to the music I play with Stars.  We are a very dynamic band with musical moments that range from extremely loud and bashing to very quiet, intimate, and delicate, sometimes all in one song!  Mehmet’s perform beautifully in every context, and most importantly, they don’t make my fellow band mates' ears bleed.  Historically, cymbals have been the bane of every recording engineer, sound engineer, and band member unlucky enough to be standing next to my crash ride.  My new Mehmet’s have brought peace and joy on all fronts, and most importantly, to me." 


Pat "Patty" McGee is a Canadian drummer based in Montreal.  In 2001 he joined Canadian synth pop band Stars who have since gone on to record 7 albums and 5 eps.  Their most recent album "There Is No Love In Fluorescent Light," was released October 13, 2017 on Last Gang records.  In 2004 Stars released their critically acclaimed album "Set Yourself On Fire" (Arts & Crafts) which propelled the band to the international stage.  Over the subsequent 15 years they've toured the world extensively, from North America to Europe, to Asia.  

Pat bought his first drum set at age 8, a Satin Steel from Consumers Distributing, which he thoroughly pommelled for the next 3 years until his parents relented and bought him his first "real" kit, a Pearl export.  Growing up in Toronto he played percussion in a high school band and took extracurricular drum/percussion lessons from Stephen Skoutajan and Robin Boers at the Ontario College of Percussion.  In 1999 he graduated from McGill University with a BM in Jazz Performance.  The next several years were spent playing with a variety of diverse outfits in Montreal, most notably Thomas Hellman (French Canadian chanteur), Dr Noh (live dnb/electronic/metal), Lullaby Baxter Trio (vocal cabaret), Los Troubadores (pop and folk), and Shine Like Stars (electronic pop). His love for pop and electronic music made him a perfect match for new arrivals to the Montreal scene Stars, who he began playing and touring with in 2000, eventually joining the band officially in 2001. 

Patty is known primarily for his role as pop drummer in Stars.  However his love of all things music is vast and eclectic.  In his spare time he continues to play and study a wide range of styles including bossa nova, afro Cuban, metal, jazz, soul, and electronic.  He is also an avid gardener and aspiring artisanal ice cream mogul.  

Patty is proud to endorse Istanbul Mehmet cymbals, C&C Custom Drums, and Roland Percussion and Electronics.