Danny Miles




The thing I like most about my Istanbul Mehmet Cymbals is how they sit so perfectly in the mix, noticed but never overpowering. I've had sound engineers setting up microphones and tap the cymbal by mistake and be blown away by how beautiful it sounds. They then look at the brand name and say "Oh no wonder they sound so good they are Istanbul Mehmet. Those are high quality cymbals.” 


Danny Miles is best known as the drummer of Juno Award-winning alternative band July Talk. Danny is also drummer and co-producer of the Alternative Hip-Hop group Tongue Helmet. Danny brings a vast array of musical chips to the table in any project he is involved in. Miles’ roots and influences come from decades of underground alternative rock and hip-hop music and artists like T-Rex and Fela Kuti. Danny plays heavy groove based drums and has an alternative ear when it comes to writing music. 

Some of Danny's accomplishments include July Talk being nominated for Break Through Group of the Year at the 2014 Juno Awards. They won Alternative Album of the Year twice, in 2015 for July Talk’s self-titled debut album and again, in 2017, for their sophomore album Touch. He has also been the subject of many interviews and was featured in the 'Heavy Hitters' article in Canadian Musician Magazine. 

Danny’s passion for drumming is equaled only by his passion for photographing birds. Danny started taking bird photos in 2015 and was recently the subject of a VICE mini-documentary about his bird photography. He is also involved with organizations such as WWF-Canada, FLAP-Canada and the Toronto Wildlife Centre. Danny's photography work can be found at drummerswholovebirds.com. Danny was born and raised in London, Ontario but has called Toronto his home since 2008.